KNOEDEL – Comeback 2018

New album release 24.5.2019

Knoedel Cover

„Diese Musik ist wie ein Traum, den ich einmal in Irland hatte. (Der Morgen dämmerte schon, die Fensterbalken waren geschlossen.) Eine Welle durchflutete langsam pulsierend meinen Körper, sanft und kühl, wohltuend wie nie etwas zuvor, irgendwie blau, phosphoreszierend – und ich hob ab, in die Unendlichkeit.“ Felix Mitterer

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Alle Kompositionen von Christof Dienz
Aufgenommen im Studion 2, Radiokulturhaus Wien
Aufnahmetechnik: Martin Leitner
Aufnahmeleitung: Christoph Walder
Schnitt: Christoph Walder, Christof Dienz
Mischung: Florian Bogner
Mastering: Martin Siewert
Coverbild: Georg Dienz

In memoriam Christoph Moser


22.2.2019 Stadttheater, Hallein
23.2.2019 Amthof, Feldkirchen
8.4.2019 Orpheum, Graz
22.5.2019 Freudenhaus, Lustenau
23.5.2019 Musik im Riesen, Wattens AUSVERKAUFT
24.5.2019 Musikladen, Meet and Greet, Innsbruck
15.6.2019 Hof Wolfgang Almstädter, Langenlois
17.6. 2019 Konzerthaus Wien mit Carlos Mena
21.6.2019 Ö1-Kulturzelt, Donauinselfest Wien
14.7.2019 Stummer Schrei, Stumm / Zillertal
17.8.2019 Europäisches Forum Alpbach, Alpbach
26.9. 2019 Grünspan, Feffernitz
27.9.2019 Theresiensaal, Mödling
28.9.2019 Schloss Goldegg, Goldegg
29.9.2019 Gemeindesaal, Haiming
30.11.2019 Igel, Waidhofen /Taya
2.12.2019 Porgy&Bess, Wien
3.12.2019 Alter Schlachthof, Wels
4.12.2019 Alte Gerberei, St.Johann/Tirol
6.12.2019 Jazzit, Salzburg
7.12.2019 Treibhaus, Innsbruck

After a break of 17 years, the pioneers of new folk music are back. There are live performances and a new album is planned.

Here the new video:


Cathi Aglibut – Violine
Margret Köll – Tripelharfe
Alexandra Dienz – Kontrabass
Walter Seebacher – Klarinette
Andreas Lackner – Trompete
Michael Öttl – Gitarre
Charlie Fischer – Schlagwerk
Christof Dienz – Komposition, Fagott, Zither


Knoedel have redefined Austrian „blasmusik“ (brass-band music), a genre that seems to be caged in commercial kitsch settings reinforcing the German/Austrian cliché of „lederhosen“ boys and „dirndl“ girls constantly drinking beer and eating sauerkraut. No serious music lover ever expected this type of music to have some creative potential, and rather than reviving an artistical corpse, Knödel have fathered a sort of post-modern „blasmusik“ for the new millenium.

There are traditional rhythms of Austrian folk-music which lend the base for all sorts of exciting sound experiments involving the extensive band line-up of wind and string instruments. Knödel are the brainchild of Christoph Dienz (bassoon, dulcimer, vocals) who is responsible formost of the compositions.

In 1993, they had their CD debut with „Verkochte Tiroler“ (also known as Overcooked Tyroleans on the North American market), and its success was immediate. Knödel performed constantly throughout their homeland and became one of the most exciting acts of ’90s Austrian music. „Panorama“, a collectionof non-Knödel-compositions and „Die Noodle!“ were both released in 1995.

Like the debut, both albums are full of interesting ideas. In 1997 followed „Der Unfisch“, a soundtrack for the film of the same name by Robert Dornhelmand one year later they presented a collaboration with the Seattle-based composer Amy Denio – „No Lo So Polo“, an opera about the life of Italian explorer Marco Polo. — Frank Eisenhuth.

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KNOEDEL – 17 years ago


MTV – station ID – CUBES (1998) from Thomas Renoldner on Vimeo.



DIE KNÖDEL – Verkochte Tiroler (RecRec)
Produced by Hubl Greiner 1992

DIE KNÖDEL- Die Noodle! (RecRec)
Produced by Momo Rossel 1993

DIE KNÖDEL – Panorama (RecRec)
Label: RecRec / Release: 1995

DIE KNÖDEL – Non Lo so Polo (RecRec)
Marco Polo’s travel as folk opera by Amy Denio.

Der Unfisch (Geco)
Movie soundtrack


Die Knödel

Knoedel 1992


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