The Best Jazz Albums of 2019 by Bandcamp Daily
RaaDie – Vast Potential

A well-constructed melody can give shape to whole worlds. The perfect string of notes, intoned just right, create a sonic key that opens doors to vast, lovely new works. The duo RaaDie of trumpeter Lorenz Raab and Christof Dienz on e-zither and effects subscribe to that belief, offering the best evidence of the ultimate power of a melody in 2019.


Press Slowenia 2007

Dienz zithered

„ This kind of exciting music equiped with such an lightness uprises much to seldom“ (keyboard, germany)

„ He will enter as a genius the musical annals, and without him there will be no more encyclopedia“ (concerto, austria)

„ a thrilling matter“ (de:bug, germany)

„ worth to discover – the result is an sound of a parallelworld-folkband, who plays behind a mirror“ (wom-journal, germany)

„ a diverse general view, which sets the traditional instrument zither for the first time in a modern context, which fascinates totally relaxed. (piranha, germany)

„ we give thanks to dienz, who extended the sound of the zither and gives his sounddelirousness a poetic infernal.shape“ (rondo, austria)

„ absolute worth to listen to“ (raveline, germany)

„ tallish exciting“ (030 berlin, germany)

„ dienz has a corporal, intuitive access to all kinds of music“ (wienweb, austria)

„ out of an restrained alpine instrument becomes a wild sound body“ (Salzburger Nachrichten, Austria)

„ in reality there tracks somebody analogue the electronic production the way from a completly different sound origin per dissasociation to undreamt results. Dienz cannot play the zither, but he worms with an unconventional way of playing damned funny and groovy textures out of it. (groove, germany)

„ this music makes happy“ (anna bianca krause, radio multi kulti, germany)

.. unfolds a fantastic world of sounds. Sounds resembling acoustic guitars, steel guitars, cembalos, Aeolian harps or electronic sounds – everything is produced by the zither. The music is very unconventional, modern and exciting; it’s a trip to a musical cosmos far from folkloristic, patriotic songs. (


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